The Orioles and Astros have agreed to a trade that will send Bud Norris to Baltimore for LJ Hoes.  The O’s will also send Josh Hader and their Competitive Balance pick to the Astros.  There has been some talk that Hader’s medicals could lead to a switch in the second prospect headed to Houston.

Bud Norris will help solidify the rotation by taking Jason Hammels spot as a starter. Norris is a power pitcher that has a decent ERA.  He does however put too many guys on base, which can lead to trouble.  I believe getting him out of Houston and putting him on a winning team will lead to more success for him.  He is leaving a hitters park for another hitters park.  He is going to a team that is statistically the number one team defense in baseball with a much better bullpen.

On a side note good luck to LJ Hoes in Houston, I know he wanted to play for the Orioles, but now he will get a chance to play everyday.


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