With the Pitta Panic hopefully now subsiding the Baltimore Ravens offense has to take a real serious look at itself to figure out what it’s going to be in 2013.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

I think the offense will be just fine, we know they’re not going to be terrible with Joe Flacco at the helm. Will he be the greatest quarterback ever? maybe not,..will they be the greatest offense ever? maybe not, but the one thing the Baltimore Ravens 2013 has over Baltimore Ravens 2012 is their offensive line looks to be set from start to finish.

Having a proper offensive line and an offensive coordinator in Jim Caldwell calling plays to the strengths of his team and his weapons. Their quarterback, Joe Flacco, due to make 60+ million dollars in the next three years will not have his head on a swivel running for his life with plays that don’t compliment his team and their star players. That by itself will be a huge difference for the Baltimore Ravens going forward this year and beyond under Caldwell and Flacco. Sure Pitta is a loss, sure it is a security blanket, sure it is a slot receiver. A red zone threat and a third-down threat, but the Baltimore Ravens will figure out a way to be at least competitive, at least decent and at least give themselves a chance to win the division yet again.

Baltimore Ravens 2013 may not be a Super Bowl front runner but they’re gonna get to the playoffs and give themselves a chance if anybody wearing purple and black has anything to say about it.

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