Iowa Football Head Coach Kirk Ferentz joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss Ravens great and Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden.

Fetentz started out by sharing a story about Ogden. He was in the film room and was watching tape of Ogden pulling out and blocking a linebacker. It was remarkable to see how huge this man was yet how quick and nimble he was at the same time. He was a special athlete. He is convinced that he could have played a number of sports. Coaching him was not a tough task.

Fetentz said that drafting Ogden, although they didn’t necessarily need a guard, was an easy decision because they knew that he was a special talent. It has remained a good lesson for him that regardless of need, when you see a dominant player, it should be a no-brainer to take him. Very few people have freakish abilities and talents and he has never been around a player so gifted physically and mentally as Jonathan Ogden. He took great pride in his performance and playing at his best was most important to him.

Steve then asked Fetentz about his head coaching jig and about the challenge of Maryland moving to the Big Ten. Fetentz said that the biggest difference is the fan interest. Maryland has an outstanding coach and they will be relevant within the division.


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