By Linh Bui

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s a huge story in the sports world.  Will baseball star Alex Rodriguez play again?  We’re waiting to hear a decision from Major League Baseball about the athlete caught in a steroids scandal.

Linh Bui tracks the latest developments.

In a steroids scandal involving 14 players, Alex Rodriguez is the highest-profile target.

“This was a guy who was destined for the Hall of Fame and they want to show, whether it’s some minor leaguer nobody ever heard of or one of the best in the history of the game, they will absolutely throw the book at him,” said T.J. Quinn, ESPN investigative reporter.

The third baseman for the New York Yankees could be banned for life if he does not accept a lengthy suspension. He’s currently in talks with MLB to negotiate a possible settlement.

“Whether or not they come down that heavy or not, his is going to be the most severe of all of these suspensions,” said Quinn.

That’s because he’s also accused of obstructing the investigation.

Baseball columnist Bill Madden says baseball should make an example of Rodriguez.

“Anything less than 200 games and baseball loses,” said Bill Madden, New York Daily News baseball columnist.

Four years ago in Baltimore County, Rodriguez spoke at Milford Mill Academy about the dangers of drugs.

“The kids were so excited, and they listened.  It was quiet. It was amazing what he said,” said Mike Gimbel, substance abuse expert.

Gimbel organized the event.  Rodriguez even signed a pledge to stay drug-free.

“This is now a fraud.  Alex Rodriguez signing it, making the commitment in front of all the kids.  Now he’s dirty again and he used again.  It’s a fraud,” said Gimbel.

Rodriguez denies the new allegations of cheating.

Sports Illustrated just published an interview with Rodriguez, and the baseball player seemed optimistic.  He said, “I’m not giving up.  Hopefully, there’s a happy ending somewhere.”

MLB will issue the suspensions at any time.

Meantime, Rodriguez was recently cleared to play after being sidelined all season because of injury.

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