Tuberculosis Case Confirmed At Parkville High School; Dozens May Be Exposed

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PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Serious concerns in Baltimore County after the health department confirms a case of tuberculosis at Parkville High School.

Chrsitie Ileto has more on the search to find out if anyone else is infected.

The health department says an individual at Parkville High School has contracted tuberculosis. It’s unclear if it’s a student or a faculty member at the school, but we do know as many as 60 people may have been exposed.

Baltimore County health officials are focusing on Parkville High School after a confirmed case of tuberculosis surfaces.

“The patient was infectious during the school year. So even though the school year has ended and they’re no longer together, the people during school were still exposed,” said Barbara McLean, Baltimore County Health Department.

The health department says they learned of the active TB case back in July and won’t say if it’s a student or faculty member, but say that many could be infected with the airborne bacteria.

“Approximately 60 members of the Parkville High School community were identified as contacts,” said Dr. Gregory Branch, Health and Human Services.

Letters went home Friday, asking parents to look for symptoms like chest pain and coughing up blood and recommending that their child get tested for TB.

“We need to go back and make sure they weren’t infected,” McLean said.

The health department says not everyone infected with TB becomes sick. But they’re not taking any chances–investigating who came into contact with this individual so they can be treated.

The health department says it’s still too early to tell if this form of tuberculosis is drug resistant.

The health department is having a walk-in clinic Aug. 13 from 8 a.m. to noon to test those who feel they may have caught the bacteria.

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