BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The hottest ticket in town is the one that says “Powerball” on it. The rush to get tickets before Saturday night’s $300 million drawing is on.

Gigi Barnett takes a look at the strategies people use to hit it big.

Quick pick or tried and true numbers? No matter how they’re chosen, the winning numbers will flush millions into the pockets of the lucky Powerball winner.

“I’d like to have it but I don’t need all of that. Give me a piece of it,” said Vernon White.

Powerball fever has taken over, but what’s the strategy to win?

“Sometimes pick them randomly or sometimes I might pick people’s birthdays or that nature,” said Alphonso Russell.

“I do the quick pick because I’m not good at picking numbers,” said Regan Nance. “Let the computer pick ’em.”

Stores say their computers have been working nonstop since the jackpot soared to $300 million this week.

“I play every week so I’m just playing for luck really. Whatever comes through, comes through,” said Ben Jordan.

Jordan has a plan to win. He never sways from the same numbers.

“It’s all luck so I feel like it would be a little bit better if I had my own numbers,” he said.

Another strategy may be to call someone in the most winning state and ask them to buy you a ticket.

For that, it’ll have to be someone in Indiana. That state has 38 Powerball wins so far. Missouri and Pennsylvania are right behind.

Lottery officials say every ticket has the same chance of winning, but the odds are high: chances of a win are one in 175 million.


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