(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

It may not be much to look at, in years past that’d be true but post Super Bowl purge, the Ravens in Tampa is something of interest… to me at least.

Last year this time maybe only the LT position was in question (and relating line moves), Kruger was to fill in for an injured Suggs and everything else was set as starters. This year is very very different.

Possible 2nd year starter at center in Gino Gradkowski and if not him AQ Shipley who has bounced around the league with little real playing time. Besides Torrey Smith, several spots at wideout are open. Jacoby will contribute but he won’t triple his reps from last year. That leaves lots of time for Tandon Doss, Deonte Thompson, David Reed and a cast of others. Then there is the TE spot. Assuming Ed Dickson is healthy that still leaves 2 spots for blocking and depth.

Oh wait then there’s the defense. Possible rookies at LB in Art Brown and Safety with Matt Elam. New linebackers no matter what in Daryl Smith and Josh Bynes (Bynes played last year but sparingly late). Besides Elam at safety Michael Huff is new, comes via Oakland. That’s a lot of what-ifs, maybes, newbies and rookies.

I’m high on the talent level of most all the aforementioned but new is new and change is change. It makes all the preseason game intriguing to me. I’m looking forward to getting a grasp on the 2013 Baltimore Ravens and the exhibition games will give us a glimpse.

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