Baltimore Colts Hall of Famer Raymond Berry joined the Norris and Davis Show on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN Thursday morning to discuss the funeral for Art Donovan.  Berry tells that he is upset about the passing of Donovan, but that he is happy to have been able to play with such an icon.  Berry called Donovan a “catalyst for a great time,” citing the camaraderie of the team outside the field.  Berry tells that while Donovan was a joker off the field, there was nothing funny about him when he put on his uniform.  He was total business when he took the field.  When prompted about if he thought Donovan could play in today’s NFL, Berry tells that he wonders if current NFL players would be able to play back when they played.

He transitions to talk about Jonathan Ogden’s recent induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, saying that there was never anyone nearly as big as Ogden when he played.  He moves to talk about Joe Flacco, saying it always feels great to be a defending champion.  According to Berry, a team can be totally dominant, but it will be unable to win a championship without a great quarterback.

Berry recalls memories of playing with Johnny Unitas, Berry being a 20th round pick right out of the draft and Unitas being cut by the Steelers.  He talks about how they both loved the game of football and they would both work toward becoming better football players.


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