Cal Ripken Jr, Orioles Hall of Famer and baseball’s iron man,  joined the Norris and Davis Show on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN Friday morning to discuss the Cal Ripken World Series.  There will be a parade through Aberdeen to kick off the festivities for the world series.  The little league games are played on a 70-foot diamond.   This year, according to Ripken, there is going to be a carnival during the world series, which includes around 25 rides.

Ripken transitions to the Orioles, saying that he is not sure if he would resign Mark Reynolds after Reynolds was designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians.  Ripken mentions that Reynolds has talent, but you find some things out by making moves, referring to the emergence of Chris Davis as a major threat, both on offense and defense.  He tells that Davis can’t have much better of a year than he currently is having, but there will be a little time before Davis is perfectly comfortable at first base.

When prompted about PED use in baseball, Ripken mentions that there is some sort of swelling within the MLBPA calling for harsher penalties.  Ripken himself believes that a 50-game suspension is too easy on a first time offender.  Ripken then moves on to talk about Manny Machado, saying that his arm is “unbelievable.”  Ripken would love to see Machado play short stop, but does not want to move JJ Hardy, calling Hardy the best all around short stop in the league.  Ripken also believes that Matt Weiters has many intangibles that make him a very dominant catcher in the league.


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