Gas Prices Hit Lowest Mark Since Mid-July

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gas prices
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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s some relief at the pumps for drivers. Gas prices hit the lowest mark since mid-July. It’s a welcome change for drivers.

Gigi Barnett explains the low prices may not last long.

Pull up to the pump and the numbers are often going up. But over the last few days, the prices nationwide and in Maryland have been falling.

“It takes a little less of a sting when you can fill up all of the way,” said Allen Friedman.

Summer gas prices statewide hit a high of $3.70 on July 12. Since then, the average cost of a gallon of regular fell nine cents, coming in at $3.61 last week. It’s still not lower than this same time last year, but some relief nonetheless.

“We’ve actually been seeing crude oil prices trend very high, but despite that, we’ve actually started seeing gas prices trickle down, which is certainly good news,” said Ragina Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Sounds good to drivers, who say they’ve been pinching their gas pennies.

“They’re still too high,” said one.

“When my daughter was born in 1998, they were 99 cents a gallon. Ten bucks would fill you up and you’d be good to go,” said Danielle Zapanta.

“You have to watch every dollar in this economy and I’ve been able to keep the tank filled, but you watch the numbers cranking by and you begin to wonder when are you going to get up to a $100 fill-in one of these days,” a driver said.

Several factors could cause gas prices to go in the opposite direction.

One of those is tropical storms in the Gulf. While they haven’t been a problem just yet, experts say a very busy hurricane season is in the works so these low gas prices may not last for long.

Drivers in Virginia and South Carolina continue seeing the lowest gas prices, while California has the highest at $4.79.

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