BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Construction on Maryland’s fifth casino is ahead of schedule and hiring is set to begin soon. This all comes as the state reveals how much cash casinos brought in last fiscal year.

Gigi Barnett has more.

Construction on the state’s newest casino began back in May and the project is moving fast.

“The building’s actually going to be a large building. You can tell by just the stair towers that are in the background view and some of the steel that’s going up on the site behind us,” said Horseshoe Casino General Manager Chad Barnhill.

Baltimore City’s Horseshoe Casino will boast two stories of gaming, 2,500 video slot machines and table games. It will be just one gaming choice for Marylanders who, according to recent numbers released by the state, boosted the bottom line for casinos over the last fiscal year.

“This is only like 35 minutes from the house. The other place was in Charlestown or Delaware so it’s nice to have a casino like this in the Maryland area,” said gamer Paul Rivers.

“We’re here all the time,” said gamer Tom Hudson.

The state’s four existing casinos generated more than $608 million. About $284 million of that money went into the state’s education trust fund.

The Horseshoe Casino will be Maryland’s fifth casino and its second largest.

And it’s only going to add to the state’s bottom line, according to Barnhill.

“We really feel like we’re going to be able to assist in growing the market that’s already here,” Barnhill said.

In addition to revenue, employment at state casinos has also increased. About 3,500 people work at a casino around the state and that number is going to jump once this one opens. At least 1,700 jobs will be up for grabs.

“The construction is great but to be able to have jobs out there that are posted and start hiring very qualified applicants, that really sets the precedent of our intentions as we move forward with the hiring process,” Barnhill said.

The Horseshoe Casino is set to open in the spring or summer of next year.


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