Matt Snyder with joined Mark Zinno on the Baltimore Baseball Tonight Postgame Show to talk Orioles baseball.

Mark and Matt started off the conversation by talking about Jim Johnson blowing yet another save. A lot of people are calling for Buck Showalter to choose another closer instead of Johnson. Mark said, “when you yank a closer, it’s kind of like yanking your quarterback in football. There is a point of no return that you’re hitting.” He asked Matt if it is fair for the fans to be demanding a new closer. “You kind of feel like something’s got to happen because he’s just blowing too many.” He went on to say that Francisco Rodriguez could be an option at closer. “He has closing experience…he has the kind of stuff that could still play as a closer. I wouldn’t mind seeing them make that move. Even if it is temporary.”

Zinno and Matt later talked about if the Orioles are a playoff team or not. Matt said, “I couldn’t commit to saying ‘yes they’re going to be a playoff team’ because it’s going to be an incredible race for the wild card in the AL…I do think the Orioles are going to be in the mix to the end.”

Listen to the full conversation here and follow Mark Zinno on twitter @MarkZinno.

Also give Matt Snyder a follow @MattSnyder27.


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