NFL Network and NFL on FOX analyst Charles Davis joined the Norris and Davis Show on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN Wednesday morning to discuss some different aspects about the Ravens.  He covered the Ravens game against the Falcons and said the Falcons looked like they needed to prove something.  He described it as a lose-lose situation for the Ravens because they needed to fight a team that was going to play hard to prove its worth.

When asked about the new defense the team is going to field this year, Davis thinks the team may be drastically different, but we didn’t lose any major parts.  He cites Ed Reed, telling that he was unstoppable when he was younger, but now that Reed is older, there are a few things he can’t do as well.  He thinks the Ravens have the potential to be better, even after all of the changes.

Davis transitions to the Ravens offense, starting with Joe Flacco.  Davis believes there is not an “elite crop all the way around” the offense.  The Ravens have lost Flacco’s two favorite receivers from last year, trading Anquan Boldin and losing Dennis Pitta to injury.  Davis makes comparisons to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, saying the two veterans have stepped up to make all receivers better, but he does not think the Ravens are ready to make that jump quite yet.  He does not think the Ravens are ready to throw the ball over 40 times each game, especially with Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce on the roster.  He also does not think Jacoby Jones should be the Ravens number two receiver, citing Devin Hester’s career as a major point for kick returners.  Davis knows Jim Caldwell and the Ravens are up to the challenge for this year.

When asked his opinion on the AFC North, Davis brings up how things are drastically different than they were two years ago.  He mentions how the Bengals have gained some consistency by making the playoffs twice in a row.  He believes the Bengals are going to win the division and the Browns are going to be a completely better team.  He doesn’t think it is “natural” to have some other team ahead of the Ravens or Steelers in the division.


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