BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There are many Marylanders who are personally invested in the conflict in Syria.

Pat Warren has reaction to the chemical warfare.

Native Syrians react with horror to what they see as atrocities against their own people.

Dr. Riad Dakheel minces no words in his description of the Assad regime.

“This is just a ruthless dictator who is killing helpless people,” Dakheel said. “You cannot just stand without making a move to stop this atrocity.”

The atrocity includes children dead and dying in chemical attacks.

“It has been an unbelievable nightmare. This regime does not stop at anything. There is no humanity or morality,” Dakheel said. “And they get away with it.”

The doctor’s family in Syria has so far escaped the worst.

“I have three brothers [and] three sisters there,” Dakheel said. “I am in contact with my mother, who is 86 and she can’t even walk. She’s in Damascus in some area we’re hoping will be a little safer than others.”

In a White House briefing Tuesday, it was announced that President Barack Obama is reviewing the options available to him.

Dakheel believes there are many options, but to do nothing is not one of them.

“You need to be resolute with these people because they are evil and evil is not really strong. You just have to have faith and the courage to face evil,” Dakheel said.

Dakheel and his wife Salwa lead a humanitarian effort, the Free Syria Foundation, which raises money for supplies to help thousands who have lost everything. The foundation provides much needed humanitarian relief while world leaders decide what they’re going to do. For more information, click here.

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