Tonight on the Glenn Younes show, Glenn kicked off the show by giving his two cents on who is to blame in the Aaron Hernandez case.

An article in Rolling Stone recently shed a new light on the Aaron Hernandez situation. According to the article, for the past year Aaron Hernandez was smoking PCP and was so paranoid that he carried a gun with him everywhere.

People want to blame Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and Urban Meyer for knowing about what type of person Hernandez is. Glenn Younes isn’t buying any of that. “It’s funny to me that people in the media and this speaks to our society; we cannot wait to point blame at someone else.” He went on to say that the fault lies on Hernandez, “why oh why is it everybody else’s fault but the grown man who consistently does wrong?”

Glenn capped off the rant by talking about how Bill Belichick knew that Hernandez thought people were after him. Hernandez thought this because he was strung out on PCP. All Belichick said was to rent a new apartment and lay low. Glenn asked, “It’s Bill Belichick’s fault that Aaron Hernandez is smoking PCP?! Get a grip!”

Listen to the rant in its entirety here.
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