(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Well, since every pundit in the business does this, so will I. Here are my guesses for the division winners for 2013. I will also add in the Wild Cards. I don’t like trying to predict Super Bowl Champions because the NFL playoffs are such a crap shoot. but I will indulge. Enjoy!

See my 2013 NFL Predictions below…

AFC East NFC East
1. Patriots 1. Cowboys
2. Dolphins 2. Giants
3. Bills 3. Redskins
4. Jets 4. Eagles
AFC South NFC South
1. Texans 1. Saints
2. Colts 2. Falcons
3. Jaguars 3. Buccaneers
4. Titans 4. Panthers
AFC North NFC North
1. Ravens 1. Packers
2. Bengals 2. Vikings
3. Steelers 3. Bears
4. Browns 4. Lions
AFC West NFC West
1. Broncos 1. Seahawks
2. Chargers 2. 49ers
3. Chiefs 3. Cardinals
4. Raiders 4. Rams
AFC Wild Cards NFC Wild Cards
Bengals, Dolphins 49ers, Giants
Super Bowl
Packers (W) Bengals (L)

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