Former Baltimore Orioles ace pitcher and current MASN analyst for the birds Jim Palmer joined Ed & Steve to talk about this season for the O’s and the 1983 World Series Champion Orioles.  Jim started out the interview by talking about the tough loss for the Orioles last night and what it means for the rest of their season.

Ed asked Jim about all the questions coming up in terms of pitch counts and pitchers leaving games after 100 pitches. Jim said that last night was more about Norris not having great fastball command throughout the game more so than getting to 100 pitches.

Then Jim and Steve joked about the differences in being on television and being on radio.

Steve then asked Jim about Brian Roberts and the bad decision to try to steal third right before Manny Machado’s home-run. Jim did not like the play, and thought maybe if it was Brian Roberts of years ago it may have been a smart play. Jim also said that with Manny coming up and Davis coming up they should have kept the runner on base.

Jim was nice enough to join us for an extended period of time and in the 2nd half of his interview he spoke about the 1983 World Series Championship, and former teammate Sammy Stewart and his up and down life.

Ed asked Jim about winning the 1983 World Series and what it was like to be a part of that experience. Jim said it was his favorite World Series because in his other experiences he didn’t get to enjoy them as much. In 1983 with the O’s he was able to relax more with a great bunch of teammates and was more about helping the young guys find their way, and didn’t feel as much pressure.


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