BALTIMORE (WJZ)—When the Ravens take the field Thursday night in Denver, a lot of fans will be watching to see which player is on the receiving end of Joe Flacco’s passes.

Torrey Smith tells Jessica Kartalija it’s his year to connect with Flacco and the fans.

Smith proves he’s got the chops to help the Ravens win big games. Now he says he’s ready to set an example in the locker room as well.

“Our receiver group is young,” Smith said. “The guys look to me in the room as a leader, so if I’m not doing it right, I might set a bad example.”

That includes being there even when he doesn’t have to be.

“I had the option to stay back last week for the Rams game, but I chose to travel just to be with those guys so they don’t feel like I feel I’m any better than them. We’re on the same level. We’re all in it together,” Smith said.

Smith is a team player on the field and off the field and continues to set an example in the community.

“Being in a community was something that was dear to me in middle school, before I had the opportunity to give anything,” Smith said. “I volunteered my time, and it’s grown with me from there–especially being in the city, understanding that there are a lot of kids out there in family situations similar to mine. So anytime I get out there to help them, support them, just hang out.”

Connecting with fans also means living in the Twitter universe, letting fans know he’s just a regular guy who had a pretty special off-season.

So what’s the best thing Smith did in the off-season?

“I guess I’d be in trouble if I didn’t say it was getting married,” he said with a laugh.

Now in his third season with the Ravens, this star is grateful he’s living his dream.

“If someone would have told me this a few years ago in College Park, I would have been ‘Yeah right, get out of here.’ For it to actually happen is a dream come true. Hard work pays off,” Smith said.

How does it get better from here?

“You gotta win again. That’s what I feel like,” Smith said. “You’re either the Super Bowl champ, or you’re not. And I feel like that’s the goal every year.”

And remember Smith is number 82. He won’t be as easy to recognize on the field since he also cut off his trademark dreadlocks in the off-season.


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