The weather map reveals a cold front that extends down from an area of low pressure in Atlantic Canada, through the Northeast and into the Ohio Valley. The front was responsible for a dreary day in upstate New York on Saturday but underwent some weakening overnight as it crossed over the mountainous sections of New York and Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, some showers have survived the journey and are moving through sections of southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. The showers have been steady enough to dampen some roadways and cause motorists to briefly turn on the windshield wipers early Sumday morning.

While there can be a sprinkle hanging around in one or two places after sunrise, most of the activity will have dissipated before then. The afternoon will turn out mostly sunny, however there will be enough lingering atmospheric instability for a late-afternoon or evening thunderstorm in just a few spots. Additionally, as the cooler air behind the front begins to work into most levels of the atmosphere, some locally breezy conditions will develop in the afternoon.


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