Former Maryland quarterback and current member of the Terps gameday broadcast Scott McBrien joined Ed & Steve to talk about the big game with Connecticut this weekend.

Ed asked Scott for his thoughts about this game coming up Saturday night at Connecticut. Scott said it’s a big game because it’s their first road trip and it’s the next step in trying to get to 6 wins and be bowl eligible.

Steve asked is Connecticut a good team considering they lost to Towson by 15. Scott said it’ll be tough regardless of the team because of how the Terps have played on the road. Scott said it’s a business truip and the Terps have to get a win on the their first road trip of this season.

Ed asked Scott how does this Maryland group of receivers measure up against Terps past. Scott said this is the best group of wide receivers Maryland has ever had. Scott went on to talk about Stefon Diggs and Deon Long and how those 2 are only scratching the surface of what they can be and that’s scary for the rest of college football.

Ed asked Scott about the transition to the Big Ten and how the erps will do. Scott said it’ll be exciting even though he wasn’t happy about the move at first because he is an ACC guy. Scott said the more he talked about it and researched it that it is a great move for Maryland with the Big Ten payouts they’ll get and how much that will help recruiting.

Finally Steve asked Scott about the Oklahoma State alleged transgressions that took place while Scott was still playing with the Terps and if he ever heard any of those types of things going on. Scott said he never heard of any violations and joked that maybe he wasn’t a big enough recruit to be offered any bonuses.


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