By Pat Warren

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Now it’s personal. Texas Governor Rick Perry visits Maryland to accuse Governor Martin O’Malley of over-taxing and under-performing.

He’s been trying to pull Maryland businesses into his state for a week.

Pat Warren explains the debate went national on a cable news show.

A week-long ad campaign recruiting Marylanders to move to Texas? Half a million dollars.

“Are you tired of Maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business? Think Texas,” Gov. Perry said in a recent ad.

Half an hour of Perry and O’Malley on national TV? Priceless.

O’Malley: “We have great companies. Lockheed Martin, Under Armour, Marriott and others in Maryland. And they’re great companies. But the fact of the matter…”

Perry: “We’re recruiting them to Texas.”

O’Malley: “And you’re welcome to try.”

Perry: “We are.”

O’Malley: “I know you are.

Perry: “I’m here, and I’m making progress.”

“I mean, we pray for rain in Texas. They tax it in Maryland,” said Gov. Perry.

Warren: “Is this a grudge match between you and Rick Perry?”

O’Malley: “No, he’s been to many states where there are Democrats governing.”

But O’Malley and Perry have history in the political ring, with O’Malley declaring that he kicked Perry’s “you know what” in a previous debate. Now with a 2016 White House in the wings, they shake heads.

Perry: “You know, trying to say Texas and Maryland are the same is a lot like talking apples and oranges.”

O’Malley: “Oh no, they’re very different.”

Perry: “They truly are very different.”

And come out fighting.

O’Malley: “Ninety percent of our jobs have come from the private sector since the Bush recession. That’s ninety percent of our private sector.”

Perry: “But your job growth has been abysmal compared to states like Texas.”

O’Malley: “Last year, we led the region in the rate of job creation.”

Perry: “Led the region, but we’re talking about America here.”

And just when you think it’s all been said, they say it all over again.

Perry: “Right now on job creation, Texas is leading the march.”

O’Malley: “On schools and median income, Maryland is leading. And innovation. Maryland is leading the march.”

At this point, Perry isn’t saying whether any Maryland businesses have committed to moving to Texas.

The Maryland Republican Party says Perry has a point, but that companies should stay in Maryland and vote Republican.

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