Scott Miller with joined Glenn and Zinno to talk about the AL playoff hunt and the MVP race.

Glenn and Zinno started off by asking Scott if the Orioles are considered a disappointment nationally if they don’t make the playoffs. “It has to be viewed that way after what they did last year as somewhat disappointing.” Scott went on to say that the AL east is such an unpredictable division. “The biggest surprise this year is…I had the Yankees 4th and Boston 5th going into the year. If Boston was doing what they did last year the Orioles would be higher in the standings.”

Zinno and Glenn then talked about the MVP race. Names that have come up are obviously Chris Davis and Miguel Cabrera; but the guys asked Scott where he thinks Mike Trout comes into the race. “You could argue Trout in many areas is having a better season this year than he did last year and last year is when everybody was harping that he should get the MVP over Cabrera.”

The Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched their first winning season since 1992 and Zinno asked Scott how he thinks they will fare in the postseason. “Not well unless they start hitting. They have some major offensive issues.” He spoke on how poor Pedro Alvarez has been at the plate. “He was 0-15 in September going into tonight…they just can’t score right now.”

Listen to the full conversation here.

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Scott Miller is also on twitter @ScottMCBS. Follow him as well.


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