Mark Vandermeer is the current voice of the Houston Texans. Mark joined Ed & Steve to talk about the upcoming Ravens vs Texans game on Sunday downtown.

Ed asked Mark about the Texans defense and the bright spots of it. Mark talked about an early defensive MVP candidate in Brian Cushing and how amazing he has been so far this year, and that he is the heart and soul of the Texans.

Steve asked Mark about injury concerns with Ed Reed, Andre Johnson, and Duane Brown. Mark talked about covering Ed in practice when  he was at Miami and that he has seen Ed like this before and he’ll be ready to go and make plays.

Ed asked about Texans fans and if they are upset about Ed’s hip and feeling like it was a bad signing. Mark said there were some rumblings but it’s not about Ed Reed in week 2 or 3, it’s about Ed Reed down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Mark went back to finish the injury question saying that Andre Johnson will go this weekend no question but that starting left tackle Duane Brown probably will not go and Ryan Harris will fill in for him.


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