BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Hundreds of bikers join together for a ride against violence in Baltimore. The group’s first stop was a family recently touched by tragedy.

Monique Griego reports.

Motorcycle clubs from all throughout the East Coast gathered in downtown Baltimore Saturday to ride on a special mission of peace.

“So people can walk down the street and don’t have to worry about someone just randomly coming up and shooting. That’s what it’s all about–to get the streets safe again,” said President Wyli’e, Asphalt Soldiers.

“Take back our community, what was taken from us, and bring people together so we can stop hating each other and be friends with each other,” said Ms. Pat, The Heart of Philly.

Ms. Pat, from The Heart of Philly, organizes rides in various cities. With all the violence in Baltimore this summer, she felt the bikers could roll out something positive in the community.

The riders are making the trip with the help of Baltimore police.

“If we sit back and just watch, nobody take their hand and do nothing, this is what the city going to end up being like,” Ms. Pat said.

After leaving City Hall, the group plans to ride to the home of 9-year-old Kenneth Worrell, the little boy who was shot last week in Cherry Hill. The bikers plan to meet with his family.

“Basically, let them know somebody cares. Because a lot of these families don’t think people care,” said President Wyli’e.

Riders also want to grab the attention of kids, because by reaching them, they can stop the cycle of violence.

“Showing to the little kids that there’s another way. You don’t have to sell drugs or carry guns and all that,” President Wyli’e said.

After Cherry Hill, the group planned to ride to Fort Smallwood and North Avenue for a community picnic.

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