In Baltimore, the laws of supply and demand wavered during recent years as the balance between the two was offset by the economic climate. Fortunately, business in Baltimore is returning to normal as displaced workers find new occupations and the number of entrepreneurs is on the rise.

(Photo Courtesy of Juan Faidley)

(Photo Courtesy of Juan Faidley)

This is good news for many business owners who may have needed a lifeline during the economic downturn of recent years. For certain savvy and innovative Baltimore business owners, the state of the economy has proved inconsequential to their success. A solid education can help Baltimore business owners carve a strong and sustainable niche out of the market.

Juan Faidley, Owner of Nuaje Visions Photography Studio in Baltimore, Maryland, is a prime example of a resilient and versatile entrepreneur. Mr. Faidley graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and enjoyed a career as a successful engineer. He would later combine his technical knowledge with his passion for photography and the digital arts by opening his own business in 2003.

As a business owner in Baltimore, what do you find are the major components that have made you successful throughout the economic climate of recent years? 

“A successful business clearly defines its point of differentiation in the marketplace and seeks out clients who truly value its unique proposition. Not all consumers were impacted by the financial downturn. Trying to be all things to all people is costly and ultimately doesn’t build brand loyalty.”

Do you think that your education is helpful in your current occupation?

“My degree in engineering paved the way for me to understand all things technical. As a photographer, there is a lot of technical information to be juggled concerning equipment, lighting, etc. Because of my technical education, I was able to grasp the technical side quickly, thus leaving me more bandwidth to focus on the more right-brained priorities of capturing beautiful imagery that will last a lifetime.”

How has your education shaped your career goals? What words of advice do you have for others considering management and/or entrepreneurship?

“My career goal was to become an engineer. That occupation afforded me the financial opportunity to invest in my passion as a creative person. For those seeking entrepreneurship, please understand that a person who likes baking pies is not necessarily good at running a bakery. It’s two different skill sets. True entrepreneurs are in love with the process of business, not the product or service being sold.”

Keisha Oduor is a professional writer and entrepreneur who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a degree in Communications and French from New York University with work experience in publishing, nonprofits, healthcare administration and program management. Her work can be found on


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