(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Gary Myers with the New York Daily News joined Glenn and Zinno to talk about news around the NFL.

Glenn and Zinno started off by talking about Ray Lewis’ comments on how the Ravens are lacking a leader. Mark asked Gary what he thinks of former players taking shots at their former teams. Gary related this to when Tiki Barber retired in 2007 and became an analyst for NBC. Tiki immediately started bashing the Giants and Eli Manning. Gary said, “I think what happens is, players are most comfortable as soon as they retire talking about the team they played for. That’s where they feel they have the most information and can be the most insightful.” Glenn followed up by asking if Ray’s comments are appropriate or out of line. “As far as I know there isn’t a leadership problem. I think it is clearly Joe Flacco’s team. If I had to pick an option you gave me, I’d say it was out of line.”

Then the guys shifted over to the Buccaneers deciding to sit Josh Freeman. Gary said the Bucs had great chances to win those first two games and that, “It’s no great revelation that winning takes care of a lot of problems. If Josh Freeman played just as poorly as he has played and won those first two games…he wouldn’t have gotten benched.”

Glenn and Zinno ended the conversation by talking about the NFL’s protocol on diagnosing concussions. Glenn asked Gary how difficult it is to diagnose a player on the sideline for a concussion as well as how important he thinks it is. Gary said it is very important to make the game safer but it’s very difficult to do because “the players have to be honest, because for the most part players are paranoid about losing their job.”

This is only a snippet of the conversation. Listen to the full discussion here.

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