Rob Ambrose is the head coach of the currently undefeated Towson Tigers football team, the Tigers are 4-0 so far including a big win over Connecticut to open their season. Rob joined Ed & Steve to talk about the business of college football and how some programs put players at risk in the cash grab games early in the year.

Steve asks: have you read the chapter is Armen’s Keteyian book?

Rob replies: No, there’s not a lot of free time during football season

Ed asks: Whats your opinions on the criticism that your putting the players at risk playing big time schools like LSU?

Rob replies: Its a legitimate concern, when you get to the best 15 teams in the country there has to be a concern.  schools like Savannah State have to play the big time schools because its a financial deal, their program is funding the entire athletic department.  When your a school in that type of situation its just unfortunate.

Ed asks: when you play a team like LSU is there really that big of a difference in physical ability and strength?

Rob replies: the starting guys are about as physically strong as the players but where were at a disadvantage is in height, you have to remember only 11 players play on each side of the ball.  The difference is in long term attrition, the back-ups in particular.  If one of my starters go down, we may have a first year player stepping in who is in no way ready for this kind of game, whereas these big time schools have a junior in the waiting drooling to get playing time.

Steve Asks: What are your thoughts on the current model of college football where so few programs are making money?

Rob replies:  yeah that is probably something that maybe should be addressed but i don’t think its really gonna change.

Ed asks: Are there any other reasons why smaller schools might play big time schools other than financial benefit?

Rob replies:  The money is a huge thing, if your getting paid a million dollars to play the best of the best then its hard to turn that down.  Then you must decide if the financial gain is worth potentially putting your players at risk.  Another good reason is its a good measuring stick to see truly how good your team is.  If you want to be the best you have to play the best, so its a good measuring tool.

Ed asks:  What was it like to be ahead of LSU at the end of the first half?

Rob replies: I was thinking “we still have 30 minutes left”, but I turned to one of the administrators and said you guys put us down here so take a picture of that score board

Steve asks: What does your football team mean for Towson University?

Rob replies:  We are putting Towson on the map nationally, our program is growing and becoming a marketing tool for Towson.


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