Mark Kelso is a former NFL safety who was selected by the Philadelphia Eaglesin the tenth round of the 1985 NFL Entry Draft. Mark spent the majority of his career in Buffalo with the Bills, and is currently the color commentator for their radio broadcasts.

Mark joined Ed & Steve to talk about this weekend’s game between the Ravens and bills up in Buffalo.

Steve asks: What do you make of the bills being 1-2, where do you think they’re at right now?

Mark replies: The bills might not even know who they are, they didn’t play well last week, the third quarter was one of the worst quarters in football, they really didn’t do anything correctly.  They couldn’t get the jets off the field on third down, and they couldn’t get done what they wanted to do.  They wanted to stop the run and stop deep the ball and failed at both.  They also wanted to get the ball down field themselves and couldn’t get their deep ball game going. Its a difficult situation with such a young team and you don’t always know how their going to perform on the road.

Steve asks: What do you make of EJ Manuel and his good start to his career?

Mark Replies:  I love his skill set and his leadership.  He has great poise and leadership for a young player and I really feel like he is the long term solution for the bills. He is very mature for a young quarterback.  He seems to be a legitimate franchise quarterback with all the tools to succeed at this level.  that being said one of his greatest qualities is how hard of a worker he is, that is obviously hugely important to be a consummate professional.  The organization is optimistic that he is everything they hoped for when the drafted him 16th overall

Ed asks:  How is Mario doing after hurting his ankle against the Jets, he’s been so good this year with 4.5 sacks against the panthers, I think a franchise record for the Bills.  They really need him on defense, have you gotten a look at him?

Mark replies:  I haven’t got to see him yet this week, I’ll be over at the stadium today so I will get a look at him, but I’m sure he’s doing fine.  He played dominant against the panthers, who are a surprisingly good team.  Mario has been great because he likes being moved around and the Bills DC has done a good job putting him in a position to succeed.  He had some trouble getting a burst off the ball after he injured it but I think he will be good to go this week.

Steve asks: You’re such a great story coming out of a small school like William and Mary and lot of people talk about how NFL players get into trouble after their career in the NFL.  Talk about your post NFL career as you’ve been so successful wherever you’ve gone.

Mark replies:  Well I’ve always thought that you should do what your passionate about and I love teaching so i was fortunate enough to be able to teach when I got done and then moved on  to an administrative role at the high school level, I just enjoy being around younger kids, i feel very blessed to be so involved in the Buffalo community.


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