Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter joined Ed & Steve to talk about the upcoming off-season and the Orioles plans to have a better performance next season.

Steve asks: The Orioles won 85 games last year, how do you get better if not from within

Buck replies: I don’t care about 6 more wins, we need to win the division, you cant dwell on a few certain wins.   I think we can improve from within, there is a process with pitchers, you can cheat it or speed it up, and its frustrating, but Tillman has the potential to become that #1 ace.  I think we have some kids in the minors that we can develop as well.  That being said if a situation arises where a free agent comes calling were going to grind the heck out of it

Ed asks: Sounds like you were emotionally moved by the fans support at the end of the year

Buck replies: It definitely did mean something to me, we live in a baseball town and our guys love playing in Baltimore, this group of aren’t in it for the money., they just love playing and want to be successful for their fans

Steve asks: Who will be playing second base next year? Could Brian Roberts keep the position or is Scope ready to step in and play right now?

Buck replies: I think yeah Brian Roberts can definitely play second base, but I want to know what Brian wants and I want to see if it matches where we want to go as an organization.  With Scope its not a matter of if, but a matter of when.  Scope can play ball and people tend to compare him to the meteoric rise of Manny, which just isn’t fair

Ed asks:  is Chris Davis definitely the MVP in your eyes?

Buck replies:  I mean yeah but I could go down the list of players who had great years, Matt Wieters had a phenomenal year, a bunch of guys were worthy of the award.  But Chris is very deserving, he is a great player and a great guy.  He was always told that the couldn’t do this or that, and that drives him.  Any person who thinks Davis will continue

Steve asks:  Who will get gold glove from Orioles, who are your three guys that should get it.

Buck replies:  Manny better get a golden glove no doubt.  I also think that Wieters, and J.J. and Jones are all deserving as well.

Steve asks:  If you were the commissioner, what would you change about baseball?

Buck replies:  I’d look at it from a fans stand point.  I think we need to get replays down, we need the inside move to second base needs to be taken out.  I also think the schedule could be adjusted, balance the schedule out so that every team is playing the same competition all year long.  If would say probably the biggest thing would be balancing out the schedule.   I also think that the team with the best record should get home field advantage in the playoffs.

Ed asks:  So I know the season is a long process, how are you personally feeling?

Buck replies: I feeling fine thanks for asking, there are some little nicks and bruises but I don’t have to play so I’m doing just fine considering.

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