(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

Vito Stellino covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Florida Times Union.

Vito joined Ed & Steve to give some insight on Eugene Monroe, and what the Ravens are getting in that trade.

Steve asks: what are your opinions on the ravens move to get Eugene Monroe from Jacksonville

Vito Replies:  Obviously it was a good deal, the ravens really didn’t give up to much to get him and he should come in help solidify the offensive line.  He isn’t going to come in and be an immediate star, but he will definitely be an upgrade from McKinnie

Ed asks: Monroe was the 8th overall pick, would you consider him a good player or a bust because of his high selection

Vito replies:   I would say somewhere between a solid player and bust.  As the 8th overall pick the guy should be a pro bowl player, he has been solid but not an 8th overall pick good.   Nonetheless he has been a consistent starter and should help the ravens

Steve asks: Do we know about any of the picks the raves gave up specifically?

Vito replies:  No all i know is third day picks, were probably talking a fourth round pick and another one at least.

Steve asks: What kind of guy is Eugen Monroe? will he come to Baltimore and become a better player because playing for a winner and not the jaguars?

Vito replies:  Eugene is a good guy, kind of quiet. He is not a good interview but he is a solid person.  If he plays on a good team yeah he has the potential to become a better player.  Also the Ravens only gave up a late pick for a starter with a one year contract so if he isn’t what they thought they don’t have a long term commitment to him anyways.

Ed asks:  What do you think about the Daryl Smith pick up, what was he like down in Jacksonville?

Vito:  Daryl was a solid player and I think he was one of the guys the jags should maybe have kept, but they were doing a youth movement so they cut ties with him.  but yeah he was a great pick up for the ravens and has obviously been a contributor immediately for them.

Steve asks:  Do you think that i 2020 the Jags will move to LA or even maybe in London or will they stay in Jacksonville?

Vito replies:  in 2020 Jacksonville will still be in Jacksonville.  The owner is starting to putting money into the organization, they’re going to install the biggest scoreboard in all the League, the owner has some deep pockets.  Furthermore, they have better TV ratings than the other two teams in Florida.  Moving to London would be such a big fiasco because there isn’t that big of a following for football in London, that would just be a disaster.

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