Scott McBrien is a former Maryland Terrapin QB, who is currently the sideline reporter for Maryland Terrapins game broadcasts. You can hear Scott right here on 105.7 The Fan this Saturday for the Terps game, coverage starts at 11am EST.

Scott joined Ed & Steve to talk about the huge game this weekend between the #25 Maryland Terrapins and #8 Florida State Seminoles,

Steve asks: Is Maryland up for the challenge against Florida State?

Scott Replies:  They’re definitely up for it but it will no doubt be a challenge. Maryland really thinks they can win, they’re confident and they’re ready to go.

Ed asks: Going down to Tallahassee is never easy, if Maryland does lose the game but keeps it close is it still a win in some respects?

Scott Replies:  For me and you it would probably be a victory but not for the team, they really want to win and they honestly think that they can win.  Maryland has a lot of confident players and if they go down there and play a really good game close to a perfect game, they can pull off a win.

Steve asks:  Everybody is talking about Jameis Winston, what about C.J. Brown as a quarterback?

Scott replies:  C.J. brown has done a terrific job, he is making the plays they need him to make.  He has something to prove and the way he has played this year the kid deserves this chance to come up big in a big game.

Ed asks:  What about Maryland pass rush? can they get to Jameis and will it make a difference?

Scott replies:  I think they can get to them, they have a lot of talent.  They may not have the depth but the starters can definitely hang with Florida State and win one on one match-ups.  I really think Maryland can go down there and get a win, they are not scared of anybody.

Steve asks:  How is Stefon Diggs doing physically?

Scott replies:  He is doing great, he has some bumps and bruises but he will be good to go.  He is an NFL caliber guy already and I cant speak enough about how important this guy is.

Ed asks:  What do you think of MD’s receiving core as it ranks nationally?

Scott replies:  I think they’re one of the best, they have a lot of talent, we all know about Diggs but King and Long are really good players too.

Steve asks:  We know you were a good quarterback so what are your thoughts on the ravens throwing the ball against the bills 50 times and 31 times in a row, can you justify that?

Scott replies:  I can’t really justify that, you have to run he football to win games.  A lot of it depends on the game plan and how the game is unfolding but you must run the ball to be successful.

ed asks:  do you think the steal this win down against Florida State?

Scott replies:   I think they can, I’m not guaranteeing a victory but i wouldn’t be surprised if they came away with a win.


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