1.Broncos – The Denver Broncos are lighting up the league offensively and after this week they will get their best defensive player back. They are averaging over 45 points a game and they have the Jaguars this week. Don’t see this changing in next weeks top 5.

2. Saints –  I believe the Saints will lose this week to the Patriots, but you can’t deny how well their defense has played.  Jimmy Graham is proving to be the best weapon in football and Drew Brees has been fantastic.

3. Seahawks – Seattle suffered a tough loss on the road to the Colts and could have very easily lost all 3 of their road games.  They found a way to win 2 of those games and could have won the Colts game.  Seattle is the best home team in football.

4. Chiefs – Kansas City has been unbelievable on defense.  They have given up the least amount of points in the league and are the surprise of the league.  They have been very efficient on offense and have taken care of the ball.

5. Colts – I put the Colts on the list over the Patriots based on who they have beat. A big win on the road in San Francisco and a home win against the Seahawks.  Andrew Luck is playing out of his mind.


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