Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams is a former MLB pitcher famously known for giving up a World Series winning home-run to Joe Carter. Mitch made many stops in his MLB career pitching for the Rangers, Cubs, Phillies, Astros, Angels, and Royals. Mitch is now an analyst for MLB Network and can be seen before and after every playoff game on MLB Tonight.

Mitch joined Ed & Steve to talk about the upcoming AL and NL Championship series and who is gonna win the World Series.

Steve asks:  What was your reaction to Manny’s decision to get surgery?

Mitch replies:  Well players never want to go under the knife, but if rehab is only going to be a bandage to a nagging injury, its better to just get the surgery and come back %100.

Ed asks: What is your opinion on Cal Ripken talking about being a manager, would he be successful?

Mitch replies:  Cal has credibility, its  a big deal to have a background in the sport.  Players will listen to him because of his success on the field.  I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Cal, hiring a manager is like electing a president.  You hire a president in the hopes that he hires smart people around them.  Cal would make smart decisions because he knows baseball.

Ed asks: Whats your opinion on Jim Johnson, would you decide to bring him back?

Mitch replies:  Any time you have a guy that has saved 100 games in 2 seasons you have to bring him back.  he has had some ups and downs but he is a good pitcher and I would bring him back.

Steve asks:  Its pretty clear teams need an ace in this day and age, do you see a player on the orioles roster becoming that ace?

Mitch replies:  I think right now Tillman is the Orioles ace, but what the Orioles really need is some of these younger guys to step up.

Ed asks:  Who do you like to win the ALCS?

Mitch replies:  I’m going to stick with my pick from the beginning, I have Detroit winning the ALCS and winning the World Series.


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