BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Police are asking for your help after a man is run over at a city intersection and left to die.

Kai Jackson has rare surveillance video of the moment of impact, as well as the search for a killer.

City police are searching for the driver who hit a person and fled.

Baltimore police released disturbing video Monday of a horrible crime.

In the top right of the screen Joseph Blake is run over by a car.

“I feel really bad that it happened anywhere in this town. People really should pay more attention to their driving,” said Liam Flynn, business owner.

Police say it happened Oct. 4 about 12:38 a.m.

They say Blake was standing in the 200-block of West North Avenue when he was run over by a car.

Look closely and you can actually see the rear of the car bounce in the air as it hits and runs over the victim and keeps going.

Blake died at an area hospital.

“An individual was struck by a car. The car did not stop, and that individual later died at an area hospital,” said Det. Brandon Echevarria, Baltimore City Police.

Police say the person who hit Blake is someone who should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle.

“Anyone who could hit an individual and not stop to see if that person is OK is someone we want off the streets,” Echevarria said.

Though cameras captured the hit-and-run, police still need more help.

“If there’s damage on the vehicle it would be on the front end or the side end of the vehicle. But that’s also being investigated,” Echevarria said.

Police are not giving a specific description of the car but say the vehicle appears to be light in color.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 410-396-2606. 

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