Lots of action over the weekend and even more crazy moments in sports.   In the NFL we may have seen one of the better games we will see all year, with the Patriots beating the Saints.  Big plays in key situations and a back and forth between both teams that any fan can appreciate.  Both teams will go deep into the playoffs.

We had more upsets in college football than I have fingers and toes.  Impossible comebacks and bad coaching decisions leave things wide open for BCS bowl game hopes.

The first openly gay boxer fought for the featherweight championship and lost.  Orlando Cruz, Wearing rainbow boxing trunks with pink gloves and even in defeat struck a huge blow for gay rights and equality.

The 2 things that made me sick over the weekend.  First watching Big Sloppy hit a grand slam when the Red Sox seemed down and out.  I hate watching them have success and it was overkill with the Pats big win and the night-cap with the Red Sox.  Even more disgusting were the fans in Houston.  They cheered when Matt Schaub went down with an injury.  We saw this first hand in Baltimore when Kyle Boller went down.  Totally classless.


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