There is plenty of blame to go around after the Ravens once again got off to a slow start, and lost for the first time at home to an NFC team in 14 tries.

Lots of fingers will be pointed at the coaching staff for some of the decisions. In particular, the decision to go for a TD on 4th and goal and then run it on that attempt after you had been stuffed on 3 straight runs prior to that. And then, of course, the boneheaded decision to throw it from your own 24 with :12 to go. Flacco fumbled and the Packers turned it into an easy three points.  This makes no sense.  The Ravens would have needed to gain about 40 yards on that play to get within FG range. What are the chances of that happening? Pretty slim. Frankly, I don’t get their thinking at the end of the half.

A couple of weeks ago, they didn’t try a “hail mary” against the Bills, which is a very low risk play, and then in this situation, they try a very high risk/low reward play.

Beyond these two decisions, to me, of greater concern is the problems with the offensive line. The Ravens running game is awful. 4 straight runs inside of 4 yards, and you gain 3 yards.

Let’s not leave the defense out of the mix. They were outstanding for a long time, but how does the receiver get behind Webb for the touchdown? That is a mental breakdown that is unacceptable. Nor could the defense make a third down stop on two chances on the last Packers drive.

Let’s throw special teams into the mix: a blocked punt (which they caught a break on), some poor decisions on when to field and when NOT field the ball, and some big returns against the Ravens.

Lots of fingers to point after a disappointing loss at home.

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