Much of the talk surrounding the Ravens, that hasn’t been about the O-Line, has been about leadership and identity. I think they’ve found it.

The identity of this team, good or bad, is John Harbaugh. Period.

His personality is all over this team, he is the head coach after all. But what kind of personality is it? Aggressive, unapologetic, calming, angry, cocky, engaging and many more… And that’s just at the podium when addressing the media. He’s smart. He knows to be kind to the scribes after a loss while also making sure to be the opposite after a win.

Despite what anyone says he’s earned the right to go for it on 4th and goal or attempt to go down field with 20 seconds to go in the half on their own 34 yard line. Instead of a 3-3 game at half Baltimore went into half vs. Packers down 6-0 because of those earned decisions.

No backing down or admission of any second guessing post game. That’s the Ravens folks. Despite opponent, yard line, score, conventional wisdom, lack of line or any other factors this team is going to push the envelope. That’s who they want to be and that’s what they’ve made themselves become.

Personnel, play or any other factors don’t overrule the overwhelming theme, “HERE WE ARE”. I’m not sure what it means but it’s telling toward the attitude this team is embedding. I may be in the minority in that I’d have taken the points, but I’m a known conservative decision maker. That thought alone should also prove that I understand different schools of thought, not an admission the “team” would yield publicly.

The hardball way has worked in nearly record fashion in 5 plus years, so it’s hard to debate the validity of the big picture results. However, game to game it makes for great sports debate and for that I’m thankful. Transparency is my goal but that’s a wish that may never be granted, till then ‘Here We Are.’

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