Matt Birk is a former NFL center who played for the Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens.

Matt joined Ed & Steve to let the guys know how he is trying to become a male model, and also to break down the Ravens/Steelers game on Sunday.

Steve asks:  Hey Matt how are you doing?  What are you doing with your life in retirement?

Matt replies:  Well my whole life I have been kind of over-weight,  I weighed 310 pounds when I played and I figured that now that I’m retired I need to make a change.  I found this company called visalus.  They are a great program whom are actually pretty philanthropic and it felt good, and I enjoyed it so I kept up with it.  Now they have this competition to become the the Vi model, a way to promote healthy living and I’m in the competition hoping to win.

To  vote for and view the lighter, healthier Birk, click here.

Ed asks: There’s usually two ways ex-NFL linemen go once they retire.  They can either choose to live long lives and live healthy or they blow up and live shorter lives.  You don’t really see a lot of really old 6’4 400 pound guys right?  Is that the reason your making a change?

Matt replies:  Well yeah I mean I needed to get a little healthier.  I told people once i retired that I was going to get in better shape.  I needed to find a sustainable healthy method to lose weight and be healthy that I can do for the rest of my life and Visalus is that method.

Steve asks:  I don’t know if you know this because your out of town now, but everybody in town misses you, they want you to come back.  We know you tutored or mentored Gino and can you help break down some of the problems occurring on the line?

Matt replies:  you know there are a lot of dynamics to the problem.  I think Gino has actually done a pretty good job. Now I’m not breaking down film and everything but I think he has held his own.  Joe has lost his two favorite security blankets in Pitta and Boldin so the offense just doesn’t look completely in sync.  There isn’t one main problem really but a lot of smaller problems that when you put them all together they can become something larger.  I do know one thing, the Ravens are an organization that has great coaches and always seem to get better as the season goes on, and I’m confident they will.

Ed asks:  Can you give us an understanding of what the center goes through and how they master the position?

Matt replies:  The center is the quarterback of the line.  They have to identify where the mike and will linebackers are and making sure the other players know where they’re supposed to be and who they are supposed to be blocking.  I think Gino has done a phenomenal job identifying the defense and he will only continue to get better, remember this is only his 7th NFL game coming up.

Steve asks:  Where can listeners vote for you other than going through our Facebook page? it would be cool if you won and we want to let listeners know where they can vote.

Matt replies: I also made a Facebook page but you can just go right to the Vi page itself.

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