By Mike Schuh

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) —  Once the government was forced into sequestration earlier this year, non-essential services like those provided by military demonstration teams were put on hold.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, the Blue Angels are coming back to Annapolis.

In Annapolis, they are considered the world’s premier demonstration flight team.

Five months ago, when politicians couldn’t agree on how to fund the government and the automatic cuts known as sequestration kicked in, the Blue Angels were grounded. The graduation air show was canceled.

It’s been three years since the Blue Angels performed in Annapolis.  Two years ago, an improperly performed maneuver in practice led to a safety standdown and canceled a show in Annapolis.  Last year, the graduation date was moved, and the team was already booked.

Now, the show will go on, much to the delight of Lindsay Schepis, who is taking an entrance test to join the military.

“Oh, they’re definitely majestic. Yeah, it’s amazing to watch. I’ve seen a lot of photos. I used to babysit for a guy who was a Blue Angel.  A lot of pride in the family,” Schepis said.

Afghanistan vet Army Sgt. Neil Gussman is an Army journalist.

“I’d love to see them. I’d love to bring my kids down.  I have six kids — two still at home — and I’d love to have my boys see them,” said Gussman.

His colleague Staff Sgt. Benjamin Simons says this is one of the few times civilians can hear what it’s like to be in combat.

“So, yeah, to see these things, for it to be a show, and to be close to these things, it’s great for everybody,” said Simons.

Not only will the Blue Angels perform in Annapolis in May, but they will also come to Baltimore for Navy Week in September 2014.

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