Dabo joined Steve and Bob to talk about Clemson at Maryland for homecoming. Coach Swinney has been at Clemson since 2008 and has an ACC Championship under his belt from 2011. Swinney and the Tigers are looking to rebound after a 51-14 loss to Florida State last week.

Steve asks: What happened against Florida State and how shocked were you about the outcome?

Dabo replies: I was very shocked because we played a very uncharacteristic game where we didn’t give ourselves a chance to win. I mean we can’t beat our selves with turnovers and penalties. We didn’t give ourselves a chance to compete against a high school team much less one of the best college programs in the country in Florida State. But give them credit because they capitalized on our mistakes, they out scored us 24-0 on turnovers, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Bob asks: A lot of people talk about Florida States offense and their quarterback, but how good was Florida States defense?

Dabo replies: Well their really good, again we moved the ball on them we got into Florida State territory a number of times, we just couldn’t get points. Florida State was the fastest and most complete team we’ve played up until this point. Just a really solid team in all facets of the game.

Steve asks: What are you most worried about playing Maryland and whats your take on them?

Dabo replies: Well we cant be concerned with Maryland, we have to be concerned with Clemson first, because we have a lot of problems on our side of the ball. We try to prepare for each team the same way every week and Maryland has a lot of injuries, which is unfortunate for them. Long and Diggs are two of the best in the business so that definitely has an effect on their psyche.

Bob asks: What do you make of the new look of the ACC with Maryland leaving?

Dabo replies: All in all I like it, Louisville coming in is exciting, they’re a great team that have been consistent, I think they’re on the rise and its exciting to have them join us.


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