ESSEX, Md. (WJZ) — This may have you jumping into Middle River: A Ravens Super Bowl ring is somewhere in it.

Not only do players get a ring, but so do full-time team employees.

According to the Ravens, receptionist Toni Lekas was at a boat party in Essex this summer, when her boyfriend accidentally dropped her ring from this past year’s victory into the water.

Despite a lot of diving and searching, the ring has not turned up.

Luckily for Lekas and her boyfriend, Chuck Lykes, the NFL approved sending her a replacement ring.

She is set to get her new ring any day, and she and Lykes are still together.

Lekas says she will be putting the new ring in a safety deposit box.

If you find Lekas’ original ring, you are required by law to notify her. She would have to give it to the insurance company.

*The attached picture is not the ring that is missing.

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