BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Crackdown on the roads. State troopers are on the lookout for drivers in violation of the Move Over Law. This comes after several of their own have been injured by drivers who didn’t make room.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the stepped up enforcement.

Earlier this month, trooper Jacqueline Kline was nearly killed when she was hit by a car as she was assisting a fellow trooper on the side of the road.

Along the side of Route 100, Kline was struck by a car and thrown into the air–through the back windshield of a cruiser.

Cameras captured the near death experience of trooper David Avila in September 2012.

Both troopers were nearly killed by drivers in violation of the Move Over Law.

Now state police are cracking down.

“That vehicle is in violation. This car here is in violation,” said Trooper 1st Class Thomas Thelan.

They’re targeting drivers who don’t obey the law that requires cars to move a lane away from emergency workers on the side of the road.

If drivers can’t get over, they must at least slow down.

In just the first day of the crackdown, state police made more than 1,400 traffic stops.

“Of those 1,400 vehicles, 335 were cited for move over violations, and there was an additional 480 warnings issued for that violation,” said Maryland State Police spokesman Sgt. Marc Black.

One driver, who was given a warning, tells WJZ he understands the importance of the law.

“All you got to do it just slide over a little bit. Just be courteous because the officer is trying to do his job as you pass him by,” said driver David Bennett.

For troopers, it can be the difference between life and death.

“This is going to be a law that saves the lives of officers and people that we’re dealing with,” said Thelan.

Kline has been released from Shock Trauma and moved to a rehab facility.

A 5K will be held Nov. 10 to help raise money for her recovery.

State police say they will have additional move over crackdowns throughout the year.

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