Orioles new pitching coach Dave Wallace joins the Norris and Davis show to talk about his transition to the Orioles from the Atlanta Braves

He joined Steve and Ed to talk about his new team

Steve: Lots of competition in this race, what makes you the man for the job?

Wallace:  I think my experience helped me out a lot, I have a good reputation for developing young players and i think I’m a good communicator.  There were a lot of good candidates, they couldn’t have made a bad decision I’m just glad they are giving me the opportunity.

Ed: What can a pitching coach do to get our starters to play deeper in the game?

Wallace:  What you can do is you can keep after the young guys.  It’s not an over night switch, we just need to have guys getting used to pitching longer getting their confidence up. We need to get an extra couple outs from our starters every game.

Steve:  Do you have a particular philosophy that you will bring to the Orioles?

Wallace:  Well there are several philosophies, I think you have to come up with a individual program development for each guy.  Its not a one technique fits all.  A lot of it has to do with getting a better command of the ball but each player has something that works for and helps them.

Ed: What do you think the ceiling is for Kevin Gausman?

Wallace:  Well the talent is obviously there, I am going to have get a deeper look at him once we get going.  Its ultimately up to the individual, he has to have the drive to be the best.  Its a combination of innate ability, but also good coaching can help him develop.

Steve: Spring training is 3 and a half months away, what can you do now to get the ball rolling?

Wallace:  Well my job was quiet until a couple days ago but coming to Baltimore and the first thing I’m going to do is connect with each pitcher personally, Whether they’re in Baltimore or whether I need to travel to see them,  I want to sit down with each guy and build trust.  We need to make sure guys are doing their Winter training, so they’re ready to go whenever spring training heats up.

Steve: If you had one guy to give the ball too to pitch who would it be?

Wallace:  I would have to give it to Pedro Martinez.  I don’t think there is a pitcher who see’s things in a ballgame, and understands who he is and what he has to do.  He is such a spectacular competitor and I would put his six years of his prime against any other pitcher I can think of.


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