Jay Bilas was a four-year starter for Duke’s men’s basketball team, and is a college basketball analyst for ESPN.

Jay joined Ed and Steve his morning to talk about Maryland basketball.

Steve asks: Think Maryland will play Duke again in the next couple years?

Jay: It will start with the NCAA tournament but I think they will. I don’t think many teams in the ACC would turn down the deal that Maryland got from the Big 10. Fitting it in will be a little more difficult.

Ed: How big loss Seth Allen?

Jay: Its big, very good player, can score and is savvy. I don’t know what they are going to do. It really means more guys will have to be accountable for getting the ball up court, other guys will have to handle ball more.

Steve: What is you outlook for Maryland this year? Did you think they are a tournament team?

Jay: I saw Maryland as a tournament team. With these new teams coming in you bring in a lot of strength but is also gives you more chances for wins that will move the tournament committee. 6th or 7th range I think they will finish.

Ed: Is Duke team to beat in ACC?

Jay: Yes, Duke is the best team. Don’t think they are great in transition but they can really spread you and drive on you. I think teams that can get in the lane will  get to shoot more free throws.

Steve: Where are you on the one a done?

Jay: First of all i think people want to watch players for longer. Remember watching a freshmen class come in a leave together and we will never have that again. The idea that they aren’t going to school are figments of people imagination. Kentucky has some of the better students for example. Who cares about academics stuff the schools take care of that. Colleges are not making a good enough case to keep them in school. If we provided them with more they might say they like it and stay and not go straight to the NBA.


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