Buck Showalter and his wife Angela Showalter joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss their upcoming 5K run for the KidsPeace foundation.

Buck and Angela joined Ed and Steve on the show

Steve: Tell us about the event tomorrow?

Buck: its the 4th year of the Kids peace 5K trick or trot and this year it ends at Camden yards, Its a great race to run, but you don’t have to run if you don’t want to its also a one mile walk.  Its focused on raising awareness for kids who need therapeutic foster care.

Ed: Obviously this is around Halloween, is this a costume race and what are you guys wearing if it is?

Angela:  Haha, its not necessarily a costume race but you can if you want to. I’m going to dress as myself and I’m sure Buck is as well.

Steve:  Angela, you and Buck are going to be at Dempsey’s tonight right, promoting the event?

Buck: Yes me and Buck will be at Dempseys tonight and people can come register either at Dempseys tonight or they can come down tomorrow to the event which starts at 6:30 am and register there.  The online registering is closed so either meet us at Dempsey’s tonight or come to the event tomorrow morning.

Steve:  Ok Buck and Angela thanks for coming on the show we appreciate you talking to us and we hope the event goes smoothly.  Were going to let you go Angela and talk to Buck about some baseball now. Free agency has started now, tell us about the process for you and Dan?

Buck:  Well our priority initially is to assess what we already have.  There is not a day goes by that I don’t mull over the list of free agents that I look at and see who we want to acquire.  I love what we have going on in our farm leagues with our guys, we have a lot of young talent and were excited about that.

Steve:  Who do you see staying or leaving for the Orioles.  Guys like Roberts and McClouth, do you see them shopping the market and possibly making a move?

Buck:  Yeah well these guys are going to get looks in the free agent market and we need to look at how far away our younger players are to judge how long of a contract we might offer another player.  Its important that we evaluate our own players before were looking at the market.

Ed:  Any idea how replay will change in baseball?

Buck: Yeah the league is running test patterns on it right now.  It will be a little bit like the NFL and throwing the flag on a plays that you’re questioning.  There are very few people in the dug outs who disagree with the new change.  Some managers don want the responsibility of making hat decision but I say bring it on.  Now all we need is a shot clock making pitchers throw the ball under 12 seconds haha.

Steve:  You Hired Dave Wallace this week, what made your decision?

Buck:  This is the second pitching coach I’ve ever hired.  I asked him why he wants to come to Baltimore.  He said that he enjoys coaching and I really just like his presence and calmness.  He isn’t pushy and he knows his players.  I’m looking forward to a new pair of eyes evaluating our players.  Now, its all about your players and their talent, but if you want a good coach, Dave is the guy.

Ed: I’m just going to come out and say it, I hated the fact that the Red Sox one the world series, Is there anything that is actually doable that would make the league more even?

Buck:  I think there are a lot of different ways of doing it.  I was actually pulling for them because I think its a good impression on us, we played them and played well against them so its a good reflection on us.  The one thing that I would do with the payroll is raise the minimum payroll.  Everybody talks about making a salary cap, I think that we need to raise the minimum.

Steve: Are the Orioles going to be able to sign Davis and Weiters to long term deals?

Buck: well we obviously want that and we have talked to their agent already, they both have the same agent.  We would love to have both of them and they want to say here I’ve spoken to both of them and we are going to do everything we can to keep both of them.


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