(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Who am I to tell a 10-billion dollar a year business to clean up their mess. Stadiums are packed with fans wearing pricey NFL merchandise standing in line to buy $15 beers. The NFL is printing money, TV ratings are through the roof so what’s not to like? Is it just me or is anyone else tired of seeing average quarterbacks throw for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns in way too many games that wind up 45-38.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, I grew up loving a game that was played on grass and featured the Purple People Eaters, The Fearsome Foursome, The Monsters of the Midway and the Doomsday Defense. Defensive stars like Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschkie and Mean Joe Greene were as loved as any quarterback. That’s when men were men and defense had a fighting chance. Those days are long gone. Now more than ever league rules diminish defense and turn most Sunday’s into aerial orgies. Welcome to Arena Football, NFL style. It’s the baseball equivalent of the Steroid Era with all the crazy passing numbers. Consider some of what we saw this Sunday.

*Eagles BACKUP Nick Foles threw for an NFL record tying 7 TD passes in a 49-20 win over the Raiders. Foles had more TD’s than incompletions (7 to 6) and he threw his 7 on the road all before the third quarter had ended! Since 1921 only 7 quarterbacks have ever thrown 7 TD’s in a game, Peyton Manning did it to the Ravens in the season opener and now Nick Foles who has 9 NFL starts hits the record book. Peyton Manning is one thing but Nick Foles? How crazy is this, Foles had more TD passes in the first 3 quarters than the Jaguars, Vikings and Raiders have had all season. C’mon Man!!!

*You remember the Pittsburgh Steelers? Those steel town bullies who played mean defense and won a whole bunch of Super Bowl rings. Those Steelers no longer exist. The new Steelers gave up over a half-hundred points and 610 yards in a 55-31 loss at New England. Brady threw for 432 yards Big Ben could only manage 400.

It’s the most points the Steelers have given up in their storied history! All 53 players and coaches should be required to ink a hand-written letter of apology to those who were part of the Steel Curtain.

*Drew Brees threw for 382 yards Sunday, Philip Rivers 341, Tony Romo passed for 337 and Case Keenum is getting the hang of Arena Ball he threw for 350 yards in just his second NFL start. There was a time when it took quarterbacks a year or two to get ready, not today it’s about a quarter or two.

*Seattle’s home field advantage is legendary, but a funny thing happened to the Seahawks on their way to a 12th straight home win. Winless Tampa Bay had a 21-0 lead and Seattle’s 12th man was in shock. Never fear Arena Ball is here! Russell Wilson hit 15 of 18 passes in the second half and Seattle won in overtime. Down 21 points the Seahawks rallied for the biggest comeback win in franchise history. Just another Arena Ball Sunday.

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