Derrick Mason played fifteen years in the NFL as a wide receiver. He was drafted by Tennessee and played for the Baltimore Ravens.

Derrick joined Ed and Steve this morning to talk about the Ravens and hazing in the NFL.

Steve asks: What you think of this team (Ravens)?

Derrick: It’s kind of mind boggling when I look at this from a far. You would have never thought Steelers and Ravens would be fighting for last place. They haven’t gotten the running game going and that makes it harder on the QB. This team has not found a identity. They also need someone to compliment Torry smith consistently so he isn’t doubled all the time

Steve: Do you think that letting guys go has something to do with what has happened this year?

Derrick: The guys in that locker have been with those guys long enough and they know what leadership looks like. they still have Suggs, Ngata. They have guys with leadership qualities so I’m not going to buy that. They aren’t winning because they cant get the running game going.

Ed: Incognito- In the pros how intense is the hazing?

Derrick: Its team by team. I’ve never been on a team where this was a problem. Have guys who love to have a laugh but they never took it over board, never took it out of the locker room. We don’t know what exactly happen but what Incognito said was vulgar and childish.

Ed: What about things like making someone pick up a dinner tab or a trip to Vegas?

Derrick: There is normally a night when everyone goes out and normally the veterans pay once and normally the 1st rounder will pay a night and then a time when all the rookies pay. But if it keeps going than it gets out of hand because then they are taking food out of his kid’s mouths. You cant run up a tab that high and make them pay on their own. I will pay for the wide receivers but not the entire offense.

Steve: Are there white guys who use the n word to fit in?

Derrick: Ive heard it and I wasn’t particularly happy about hearing it from some people. there is a fine line with that word. I can kind of accept it if it’s a one time thing and everyone is having fun with it. If it keeps happening then I start to get upset. Just like your brother when it becomes repeated than I can’t have it.


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