(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

There are some interesting decisions to be made for the Orioles, and whether they act quick or sit tight. Probably the key guys that they have to decide whether to try to retain are McLouth, Roberts, Feldman and Hammel.

None of them excite me, as I think the Orioles need to get better next year, and none of these players are exceptional in any way.

I’d like to get more production from left than McLouth provides, but looking at the free agency list, I doubt they will spend on Ellsbury or another upgrade, so they might have to settle on McLouth so they don’t end up short.

Roberts played better than I thought he would, but he is nowhere close to the old Brian, and I worry he won’t stay healthy. Maybe if he is cheap and they really believe Schoop will be ready sometime this year, it would acceptable.

I know Buck likes Feldman, but to me he is a back end of the rotation guy, and we have plenty of those.

Hammel may have been the most disappointing Oriole so I am moving on from him.

Unfortunately, unless they are willing to open the checkbook in a big way, I think more of these guys may be back than a lot of people will like.


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