(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)

Mark Zinno says there is an ugly truth to the NFL: that guys like Richie Incognito are everywhere. In fact, NFL general managers and coaches like those guys because they can help win football games. Former Ravens center Mike Flynn joined Zinno on “Last Call” to discuss the environment of an NFL locker room and how the Richie Incognito situation should have been addressed.


“You had hazing. You shave the heads. Make these young guys sing their songs. During the season you had to bring breakfast. The rookies would pay for the dinner. There’s always times that guys would push the envelope,” said Flynn. He said things like that happened in the Ravens locker room all the time. He stressed that it was controlled, but it happened.

As far as the make-up of the NFL players, Flynn said agreed. “You need guys that have an edge, there’s no doubt about it. You need nasty individuals,” he said. He agreed that coaches look for that type of quality. And it’s a quality that serves the players well.

The two guys also discussed the leadership. Because the leaders maybe could have solved this problem before it became a national issue. Flynn said, “The leader in that locker room, that has the respect of everybody, gets wind of what was going on and knew how this kid felt, you absolutely would have to say something.”

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