Steve Davis: Incognito Needs To Be Persona Non Grata In NFL

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(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

I am tired of people saying “hey, this is what it is like in an NFL locker room. Martin should have punched him in the face.” That is convenient tough guy talk, but somewhat unrealistic.

Number one, maybe Martin isn’t much of a fighter and knows he would have lost.

Number two, maybe he would have been completely outnumbered, which sounds like a very good possibility.

Just because he was 6’5″, 315 pounds doesn’t matter when the other guys are that big or bigger.

The answer isn’t that he should have been tougher. The answer is that he should not have been exposed to this. This was not good natured hazing. This was bullying and harassment. It was mean, disgusting and racist.

I also don’t think it is indicative of what really happens in most locker rooms. I’ve been doing this for 25 years. Playing back every locker room I have covered, I don’t think this would have been tolerated. Sure, it might have been attempted, as some guys were jerks.

However, I believe there would have been someone with enough character and standing who would have put a stop to it.

Incognito will never play in the NFL again, at least he shouldn’t.

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